WhoisUP v0.3

WhoisUP is a free software made by Fabio Semperboni. It monitors hosts via ICMP and shows the status in a web page. When a host is down, the script can send mail, syslog message, open a popup message or play a sound.

When use it? WhoisUP is useful to monitor hosts (PC, Server, NAS, Router, Switch and so on…) and to receive alerts when a host go down.

Is it OS dependent? No, the script works on Windows, Linux, …

How works WhoisUP? The script uses NMap to send ICMP packets and to save the host status into an XML file. Then, WhoisUP reads the XML and shows the report in a web page with AJAX features; in case of host failure the script can send alarms.

Licence: This program is free software and it is released under the GPLv2



The software can be downloaded from sourceforge:WhoisUP