How to create shortcut command

Cisco IOS permits to define a shortcut to complex command. An alias can be configured to do anything that can be done at the command line, but an alias cannot move between modes, type in passwords, or perform any interactive functions.

To create a command alias, issue the alias command in global configuration mode. The syntax of the command is alias mode command-alias original-command. Who have never typed repeatedly the commands show cdp neigh or show ip inter brief?

Some helpful alias could be:

  • scn -> show cdp neighbor
    • command: alias exec scn show cdp neighbor
  • ifconfig -> show ip interface brief
    • command: alias exec ifconfig show ip interface brief
  • sint [interface number] ->show run interface fastEthernet
    • command: alias exec sint show run interface fastethernet
  • proc -> show proc cpu | excl 0.00%__0.00%__0.00%
    • command: alias exec proc show proc cpu | excl 0.00%__0.00%__0.00
  • eth0 -> interface fastethernet0/0
    • command: alias configure eth0 interface fastethernet0/0
  • ns -> no shutdown
    • command: alias interface ns no shutdown


Tips: if you would create an alias for ‘interface mode’ and ‘priviledge mode’, you must define the same alias for the two environment. See you below:

alias configure sir do show ip route
alias interface sir do show ip route

Remember: There are some built-in command aliases:

Ciscozine#sh aliases
Exec mode aliases:
  h                     help
  lo                    logout
  p                     ping
  r                     resume
  s                     show
  u                     undebug
  un                    undebug
  w                     where





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