Cisco Virtual Office

Cisco has announced the Cisco Virtual Office (CVO) that allows businesses to extend their enterprise and productivity by “bringing the office” to employees who regularly work in a variety of remote settings, such as branch locations or from a home office.

Cisco Virtual Office extends the enterprise by delivering secure, rich, and manageable network services to teleworkers and employees working outside of a traditional office environment. By providing full IP phone, wireless, data and video services, Cisco Virtual Office delivers a seamless office-caliber experience to the end user, wherever they may be located.

The Cisco Virtual Office solution consists of the following components:

  • A remote site presence: Residing on the end-user premises, the equipment includes a Cisco 800 series Integrated Services Router (ISR) and models from the Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series.
  • A head-end presence: This equipment is responsible for remote site aggregation and includes a VPN router to terminate the secure, encrypted tunnels from each remote site location, as well as centralized management software for policy, configuration and identity controls.
  • Deployment and ongoing services: Service offerings from Cisco and approved partners support successful head-end solution component deployment and integration, provide consultative guidance for automating the deployment and management of remote sites, and deliver ongoing operational support and optimization.

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