Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions

NetRiders competitions provide students with hands-on practice and experience in a competitive environment, a chance to test their skills and recognize their weaknesses, showcase their knowledge, and create interactive networking skills as well as new friendships across the world. And for Instructors, this is a great opportunity to lead students and showcase teaching skills as well.

Organized by Cisco, these competitions are a great opportunity for Networking Academy students to learn valuable Networking/IT skills through a series of online exams and simulation activities using Cisco Packet Tracer.

Competitions are offered for students currently or recently enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course. Some regions also offer NetExcellence competitions for their Networking Academy instructors. Competition structures, curriculum content, and schedules differ for each region.

Cisco Networking Academy, along with local Cisco teams, governmental agencies, educational and industrial partners, work together to bring this exciting and unique opportunity to students throughout the world.

In 2011, more than 10,000 individuals from 85 countries participated in the NetRiders competitions. Out of those competitors, 17 winners won the Study Trip Prize to visit Cisco in San Jose, CA in the U.S.

The NetRiders Study Trip Prize rewards and recognizes outstanding Networking Academy CCNA students and encourages them to further their career development in Information Technology. During their visit, they get to visit the Silicon Valley, cultivate new friendships with peers throughout the world, and learn more about Cisco culture.

Benefits for Networking Academy Students

  • Recognition for outstanding achievement
  • Hands-on practice and experience in a competitive environment
  • Career opportunities and internships through increased visibility
  • Exposure to career role models
  • Opportunities to engage with students around the world
  • Top achievers may win prizes, including a week-long trip to Cisco San Jose, California campus with other top achievers from around the world


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