Cisco Game! Become a CEO with myPlanNet :-)

myPlanNetDo you remember simcity, the city-building simulation game first released in 1989 and designed by Will Wright? myPlanNet is a Sim City type RTS (real-time strategy) simulation game that puts you into the shoes of a service provider CEO.

You manage your business as it evolves from the stone age of dial-up, through the broadband and mobile connected eras, and into the dawning of the medianet age. Learn how to transform your community and explore the products and solutions that will help you provide a migration path from dial up, broadband and mobile services into the medianet age.

MyPlanNet was released on Oct. 5 at an International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland, and is the product of an internal innovation contest at Cisco.

Liu, who is a senior marketing manager, says the game was a side project of his for over a year. He was looking for a way to engage customers with marketing and thought his game would target the intellectual side of issues by “introducing these complex topics in a more fun way than you would get from” reading white papers.

Liu calls myPlanNet an educational tool that puts a “human touch” on evolving technology challenges and also helps to place them within a broader context. The game does simulate historic timeline contexts and how “technology is needed to deploy advance services as your community evolves,” said Liu.



The game is free, but works only on Windows platform (x32 and x64 system). To download it go to

  1. After you click on “Download Game”, you will be prompted for login (if not already logged into New users without Cisco login can get one by clicking on the “register now” option.
  2. After you accept the end-user license agreement, you will be prompted with a download box.  Choose “Save File”.  Personally, I prefer to just place it on my desktop so I can easily find it.
  3. Once the file is saved to your desktop, unzip it and select “extract all”. Again, I prefer to just extract it to my desktop.
  4. The game will appear on your desktop in a folder titled “mpn_final_Gold”.  Open that folder and click on the myPlanNet.exe file to get started!
  5. Enjoy!


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