Cisco completes acquisition of Jabber

On September 2008, Cisco has agreed to purchase open-source instant messaging firm Jabber (

Two days ago (November 3, 2008 ) Cisco announced that it has completed its purchase of Jabber Inc.

“The acquisition will enable Cisco to embed presence and messaging services “in the network” and provide rich aggregation capabilities to users through both on-premise and on-demand solutions, across multiple platforms including Cisco WebEx® Connect and Cisco® Unified Communications.

With the close of the transaction, Jabber becomes part of the Cisco Collaboration Software Group (CSG). CSG is part of the Software Group, consisting of Cisco’s major software businesses, including the Cisco IOS® network operating system, network and service management, Unified Communications solutions, policy management, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.”

What is Jabber? Jabber is an open, secure, spam-free, ad-free, decentralized alternative to consumer IM silos like AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Under the hood, Jabber is a set of streaming XML protocols (called XMPP) that enable any two entities on the Internet to exchange messages, presence, and other structured information in close to real time.

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