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Analyze Traffic with Cisco Bandwidth Quality Manager

In the era of electronic exchanges, tiny spikes and bottlenecks in network traffic can create delays which compromise the split-second accuracy needed for effective trading. Tracking down these problems has been beyond the reach of any technology-until now, thanks to Cisco Systems, Inc. While traditional network monitoring systems can only analyze traffic behavior over a minimum of five minutes or so on average, the Cisco Bandwidth Quality Manager (BQM), part of the Cisco Network Application Performance Analysis (NAPA) Solution, can get down to millisecond level.

Cisco to acquire Jabber

Cisco has agreed to purchase open-source instant messaging firm Jabber. The company plans to use the Jabber messaging software within its WebEx Connect and Unified Communications packages. “Enterprise organizations want an extensible presence and messaging platform that can integrate with business process applications and easily adapt to their changing needs,” said Doug Dennerline, Cisco senior vice president, Collaboration Software Group. “With the acquisition of Jabber, we will be able to extend the reach of our current instant messaging service and expand the capabilities of our collaboration platform. Our intention is to be the interoperability benchmark in the collaboration space.”

Cisco Physical Security

What is Physical Security for Cisco? Cisco Physical Security software and hardware facilitates the capture, transmission, viewing, recording, archiving, and management of analog and IP video sources and provides electronic access control. Engineered with network and video expertise, Cisco Physical Security standards-based products: Deliver easy, secure access to live and recorded video Use the IP network as a platform to deploy electronic access control Provide excellent scalability, reliability, and availability Simplify deployment and control of new security applications Lower operational costs Protect existing physical security systems investments Support multivendor device and applications interoperability Facilitate a smooth migration from analog to […]

Cisco Virtual Office

Cisco has announced the Cisco Virtual Office (CVO) that allows businesses to extend their enterprise and productivity by “bringing the office” to employees who regularly work in a variety of remote settings, such as branch locations or from a home office.