Global Talent Acceleration Program

Cisco announced the launch of its Global Talent Acceleration Program in Bangalore, India. GTAP is a long-term Cisco initiative aimed at creating Cisco’s next-generation local engineering and sales talent in India and other emerging countries.

Through the GTAP in India, Cisco plans to train Indian engineering students at the CCIE level, the highest stage professional certification offered by Cisco. Cisco Learning Solutions Partners, Datacraft, Fast Lane Global Knowledge, and NIIT will act as Cisco’s initial primary partner delivery organizations in India.

“India, which is at the centre of Cisco’s globalisation strategy, is experiencing tremendous growth, and the demand for technical talent undoubtedly exceeds supply. The development of a sustainable talent pipeline, with market-ready skills, is imperative to sustain momentum,” said Leo Scrivner, vice president of human resources for Cisco Services and the Globalisation Centre East. “The launch of the Global Talent Acceleration Program in India reiterates our commitment to both incubating skills and developing our top talent here that will respond to the market needs immediately.”

GTAP is designed as a rigorous 37-week program that combines classroom training, industry exposure and hands-on experience. The program offers two tracks: Professional, aimed at students with three to five years’ experience, and Associate, for fresh graduates. Initially, these students will be recruited for work at Cisco’s Bangalore Technical Assistance Centre as well as Cisco’s Bangalore Advanced Services Worldwide Service Provider practices organization.

An example of Global Talent Acceleration Program Success Story? Mr. Ziad Alghamdi.

“I started the program with basic networking knowledge, and now after 5 months, I’ve passed the CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and the CCIE written exams. It seemed like an impossible mission on the first day of the program, but here I am making it real and possible.

Within the Technical Assistance Center (Cisco TAC), real life scenarios are experienced case by case. The feeling is indescribable when connecting the pure technical lessons to the life network of the Cisco customers and to see their reaction when I make a difference. I cannot wait to work on the next case with another customer.

I remember wondering about joining the program and how beneficial starting such a track at this period of my life would be. Now, after only 5 months, I understand why. By achieving my goals with all of Cisco’s support what I have is a life-time opportunity that cannot be missed.”

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  1. GTAP is trully a wonderful programme. Its been a month now since I started and I must say it has not been an easy ride. Even though there is so much stress I know at the end it will be worth while.

    I have passed CCNA and starting with CCDA on Monday.

    Fabio, any tips that you can give regarding the programme, the TRP’s and just in general how you managed to keep calm till the end of the programme?

  2. “Build Talent Pipeline” program

    Cisco in Brazil ended the program, but continued the same temporary salary. After two months almost of end of the program I had to leave because Cisco has not fulfilled tract… No increase salary and without hiring …. Can talk internally that was a success, but it certainly not was. I have friends who have continued and are waiting yet.. I do not know until when….

    The program started with 15 people and finished with 12, after two left the program. The others professionals still waiting, but I do not know how long, in other words, The Cisco already lost 5 professionals and may lose others. The others professionals wait yet, but I do not know how long.

    I hope it happens in other countries different, because it really would be a great opportunity.

    The good thing is that while not have a lot of training and equipment to study. Was 100% the time to study, we learned a lot more with the coworker inside BTP program.


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