Cisco Technical Tips Conventions

When you read official documentation from, there are some conventions that is opportune to know.

Some examples of Cisco conventions:
* Bold indicates text the user must enter or select, such as menu items, buttons, and commands.* Italics indicate emphasis.
* Angle brackets (>) indicate the progression of menu choices the user should select in a graphical user interface (GUI), such as File > Print.
* Vertical bars ( | ) separate alternative, mutually exclusive arguments. Example: req-qos {besteffort | controlled-load | guaranteed-delay}
* Square brackets ([ ]) indicate optional elements. Example: [no] ip route-cache [cbus]
* Braces ({ }) indicate a required choice. Example: access-list number [{permit | deny}]
* Braces within square brackets ([{ }]) indicate required choices within optional elements.
* Angle brackets (< >) indicate arguments in contexts that do not allow italics, and in examples indicate character strings a user enters that do not appear on the screen (for example, a password).

Detailed tips convetions:…/techtip_conventions.pdf


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