Analyze Traffic with Cisco Bandwidth Quality Manager

In the era of electronic exchanges, tiny spikes and bottlenecks in network traffic can create delays which compromise the split-second accuracy needed for effective trading. Tracking down these problems has been beyond the reach of any technology-until now, thanks to Cisco Systems, Inc.

While traditional network monitoring systems can only analyze traffic behavior over a minimum of five minutes or so on average, the Cisco Bandwidth Quality Manager (BQM), part of the Cisco Network Application Performance Analysis (NAPA) Solution, can get down to millisecond level.

This means IT managers in stock exchanges and trading houses can now see what is happening to traffic on their network almost on a per-packet basis. Cisco BQM’s diagnostics are not limited to watching network behavior, either; it can also provide information on why the delays happen.

Cisco Bandwidth Quality Manager (BQM) is a next-generation network application performance management product that provides monitoring visibility, and intelligent bandwidth provisioning which controls latency and loss performance. The control of network latency and loss is a vital ingredient in delivering maximum performance for networked applications.

Some of the issues faced by customers include:

  • Poor performance in the data center if the network exhibits uncontrolled or intermittently high levels of latency
  • Collaborative applications like Cisco TelePresence require consistent delivery of controlled latency and low jitter in the network.
  • Algorithmic trading and distributed grid computing require ultra-low levels of network latency and loss (typically less than 5 milliseconds and no packet loss).


Cisco BQM has a broad set of patented and patent-pending features that include:

  • Network service with passive end-to-end measurement
  • Expected Quality within the routing platforms
  • Event analysis with drill down capabilities and culprit identification
  • Bandwidth Estimation for achieving service objective
  • Traffic insight with deep packet inspection for up to Layer 7
  • Quality-based alarms for violations of thresholds


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