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WhoisUP v0.2 released!

One year ago, I had published Whoisup v0.1, a script that monitors hosts via ICMP and shows the status in a web page. The script had obtained a good success, so I have decides to continue the WhoisUP project. The version 0.2 has several improvements: Fixed some bugs in the core.php script and in the CSS file Added the warning latency value Added the width index page Added the maintenance mode Added the compact view Added the the core.php check

WhoisUP – Is your host up or down?

During last months, I have not written tutorial about Cisco technology because I have dedicated my free time to write my personal script to monitor hosts, router and so on. Why write a new script and not use a pre-existent script/software? The reasons are different, but in particular three: Surfing the web, I have found software that check hosts with a minute delay (they use crontab…), but in my case I want to check hosts continuously; other software can check hosts continually, but they are too complex for my purpose and they have features don’t needed in my case. They can be too expensive. The second reason […]

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